Episode 05 – Gary Whitta (Screenwriter)

Today, I had the great pleasure of speaking with Gary Whitta. He’s a screenwriter best known for Rogue One and The Book of Eli, he’s written for Star Wars Rebels, Telltale’s The Walking Dead video game, and his own novel, Abomination, and a comic book series, Oliver. In this episode, we talk about writing for video games, how does a script go from paper to screen, the writing process, how does one write compelling characters audiences can sympathize with, and dealing with creative heartbreak during your journey into screenwriting.
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Save the Cat:

Episode 04 – Evan Schiff (Editor)

Today, I had the pleasure of speaking with Evan Schiff, a feature film editor! Known for John Wick 2 and 3, Birds of Prey, Everly, Southside with You, and Revolt. In this episode, we talk about his start at Stan Winston Studios, what goes into editing action-heavy films, working with different directors to help shape their vision, and how important pacing, tone, and rhythm are to a scene.
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Evan Schiff’s Twitter: @schiffty

Episode 03 – David Acord (Supervising Sound Editor, Re-Recording Mixer, and Sound Designer)

Today, I am joined by supervising sound editor, re-recording mixer, and sound designer David Acord. He’s worked at the famed, Skywalker Sound for over 18 years with credits ranging from Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker, Clone Wars, Star Trek films, Guardians of the Galaxy, and Paul Thomas Anderson films such as The Master, Inherent Vice, and Phantom Thread. In this episode, we talk about how he got into sound design, what do all those job titles mean, working with directors, and why it’s important to be a team player.

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You can follow David Acord on twitter @daveacord . If you would like to learn more about his and Matthew Wood’s work on Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker, checkout The Sound Works Collection Podcast Good luck to both of them at this Sunday’s Oscars!

Episode 02 – Leah Latham (Production Supervisor)

In this episode, I had the chance to interview Leah Latham, a production supervisor for Disney Animation! Her work includes Frozen 2, Moana, and Zootopia! So, a pretty stellar resume. She is a wealth of knowledge and advice! I had the privilege to interview her in person at a Women of Film Networking Event I helped put together with my friends Bex Francis and Samantha Henderson-and our group For the Love of Cinema. I’m so proud of what we did that day in helping to bring filmmakers in the Sacramento area together and give women a safe space to connect. 
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Episode 01: Mark Herzig (Cinematographer)

Hello there! Kristina Morss here; and welcome to episode 1 of The Closing Credits Podcast. Today, I interviewed Mark Herzig who is a cinematographer and sometimes director based out here, in Northern California. He has photographed hundreds of commercials (including Super Bowl ones!) and corporate pieces, and four independent features. He also is the writer, director, and cinematographer of three internationally screened short films. Check out his work at

Episode 0: Trailer

Trailer for the podcast.